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Empowerment / About CYMOT

During July 2006 a black economic ownership transaction has been concluded with Stimulus, a black owned Namibian investment company. CYMOT has been classified as a ‘good contributor’ in terms of its broad based BEE status and is an empowered company per the BBBEE Scorecard of the Namibia Preferential Procurement Council (NPPC).

In line with Namibia’s employment equity initiatives CYMOT has invested strongly into the training and advancement of previously disadvantaged employees. The training policy of CYMOT also allows employees to further their knowledge base through company funded initiatives.

The initial structured three year internal training program of CYMOT has proved to be highly successful and the good results have been achieved through a dual training system, where theoretical and practical training were combined into one program. Through the new Commercial Advancement Training Scheme (CATS), all students are now enrolled for two years in theoretical courses offered by the Polytechnic of Namibia for two days during the week, while doing practical structured training during four days of the week in all relevant departments of the company.

Since the start of this dual training CATS-program, CYMOT has enrolled between two and three new trainees every year, supported by a mentorship program.  Potential candidates had been sourced from within the company and/or interested trainees from outside the company, thereby widening the company’s social responsibility.

The success achieved up to now can clearly be seen in the supervisory and managerial positions taken up by many of the trainees after the completion of their training.

CYMOT is proud to have earned the recognition award for the best company mentorship program for 2007, the first year this award was handed out.

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