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CYMOT is committed to the sustainability of our environment and have implemented actions and policies that deliver continuous and measurable improvement in our management and use of resources throughout the company. CYMOT will engage all our stakeholders in this effort and will implement leading and innovative business practices, provide education and training, utilize eco-friendly products, enhance daily work habits and monitor compliance and success.

As an organization that demonstrates high ethical standards and sincere care for our customers, business stakeholders and community, our actions and commitment as environmentally responsible corporate citizens affirms our core mission and supports our values and long term objectives.

These streamlined and efficient stock logistics ensure that all branches keep their optimum stock mix at all times and customers are delivered with their respective products within a lead time of not longer than 24 hours.

Stockholding Projection and Historical Sales and Forecast Demand

TOP: Stockholding Projection. BOTTOM: Historical Sales and Forecast Demand.

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