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STANLEY Success Story Date: 30 May 2016

On the 11th of January 2016, a Namibian couple touring in Angola, experienced a slight hiccup on their trip, and had to "maak n plan". This is their correspondence to Stanley (UK) Customer Service.

Hi there,

We’d like to share our recent adventure story with you where our trusted Stanley flask saved the day (and our vehicle)

We were on an overland tour through Angola with three vehicles during December 2015, camping in the wilderness and very much off the beaten track (we live in Namibia, bordering Angola).

Four days into the journey, en route to the next larger town on our route – Lubango – there was a sudden, harsh clanking noise from underneath our vehicle (Toyota Hilux V4 Automatic) and abruptly our vehicle sounded like a pimped-up V12!! We were close to 400 km away from the nearest town when, upon inspection, we realized that our exhaust Manifold had broken off. (Must have been the rough tracks we had driven during the past few days). We were now worried to travel the 400km in the searing Angolan summer heat (+100 Degrees Fahrenheit) with the exhaust throwing flames into our engine compartment.

Our group thus agreed to pull off into the bushes right there, set up camp and come up with a plan to “patch” the exhaust manifold so that we could safely make the 400 km journey to Lubango where we would have the exhaust manifold welded.

After considering various options for this much needed repair (such as empty beer cans etc.) we came to the conclusion that only our trusted 32-year old Stanley flask would be up for the job. (able to tolerate extreme heat)

After hours of hard work with the limited tools at hand, the Stanley flask was (sadly) dismantled and made to fit on the exhaust manifold in such a way that we could continue our journey safely without danger of burning down our vehicle.

It’s a pity about the flask – especially since we’ve had it for over 30 years and it had travelled extensively throughout the whole of Southern Africa over the years, but we were happy that our journey could continue and we will buy a new Stanley shortly!

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